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Grover, NC 28073

Slitter Operator

Job Purpose

  1. To achieve production goals utilizing the most efficient use of equipment

Job Description

  1. Weigh finished rolls and pack finished rolls, label finished goods

  2. Assist in slitting operation as needed

  3. Assist production line start-ups and shut-downs as needed

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Responsible for the packaging of finished goods, collection of waste and edge trim, downgrading rolls and samples by following Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and Safety Operating Procedure and production order specifications

  2. Responsible for measuring the weight of slit rolls, finished goods, trim edge, and waste

  3. Record and enter packaging information and create labels using SAP. Apply label to packed rolls. Responsible for information accuracy on the label

  4. Perform spot checks for the accuracy of weight

  5. Responsible for changing packaging materials on packaging machine and the basic maintenance and cleaning of packaging machine

  6. Assist slitter operator in filling out necessary paperwork to report master roll consumption for each slit batch

  7. Assist slitter operator to install paper core and other tasks

  8. Assist production line start-ups (thread starter-roll, clean up filament from machine and catch starter-roll from calendar) and shut-downs and responsible for the cleaning of the waste from spunbond process and/or meltblown process

  9. Collaborate with slitter operators to take break times in rotation to ensure there are people on duty for production at any time

  10. Report issues with Management by communicating openly and honestly

  11. Keep Crew Leader updated on progress and issues that arise

  12. Follow Procedures and complete documents accurately

  13. Follow ALL company policies with special emphasis on safety

  14. Attend daily crew meeting

  15. Ensures quality by continually watching for any abnormality and reporting it to Crew Leader

  16. Follows company procedures and uses material and equipment per manufactures directions

  17. Other duties as assigned

Working Conditions

  1. Must be able to work 12-hour shifts

  2. Must be able to work in a team environment


  1. Must be able to read and comprehend written instruction 

  2. Must have basic math skills

  3. Must be able to work harmoniously with co-workers

  4. Must have a “can-do” attitude

  5. Must be detail oriented


Physical Requirements

  1. Physical requirements include lifting, up to 50lbs., Bending, Stooping, and some repetitive work.  Also, must be able to stand for long periods of time

  2. Report To

  3. Directly report to Team Leader


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