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700 South Battleground Ave.

Grover, NC 28073

Packaging Operator

Job Purpose

  1. Achieve production goals utilizing the most efficient use of equipment


Job Description

  1. Record process parameters and defects. Track defects.

  2. Change extruder filter screens

  3. Follow up order type and quantity and produce complement for insufficient order

Duties and Responsibilities​

  1. Assist team leader for production line start-ups and shut-downs

  2. Monitor online inspection system for fabric abnormality and work with QA inspector to determine which need to be removed. Report to team leader before shift ends for review

  3. Inform slitter operator about the abnormality and the defects to be removed.

  4. Responsible for changing extruder filter screens and filing change records

  5. Responsible for winder operation if there is any

  6. Cut fabric sample according to SOP and QA requirements and deliver the sample to lab. Follow up with lab for test results  

  7. Check production quantity matching order quantity. Work with team leader to make sure the quantity of slit rolls is correct before finishing the order

  8. Make arrangement to produce complement for insufficient order based on production order schedule  

  9. Make sure correct quantity of finished goods transferred to warehouse according to production order

  10. Responsible for the hygiene and 5S around winder (if any), calendar and production line. Clean any waste immediately

  11. Assist team leader for the responsibility of fabric quality. Monitor quality change of nonwoven fabric.

  12. Report issues with Management by communicating openly and honestly

  13. Monitor machine performance during run time

  14. Deliver sample to QC lab after sample is ready in 5 minutes

  15. Ensure that machine is running as expected, report any problems to Crew leader

  16. Follow Procedures and complete documents accurately

  17. Follow ALL company policies with special emphasis on safety

  18. Be alert to methods of continuous improvements

  19. Attend daily crew meeting

  20. Maintain proper communication between crew leader and other departments

  21. Quality – Ensures quality by continually watching for any abnormality and reporting it timely

  22. Safety- Follows company procedures and uses material and equipment per manufactures directions

  23. Under Team Leader’s authorization, check with QC for testing results within one hour after sample was given to QC and must sign off an acknowledgement form of receiving the testing results.

  24. Other duties as assigned

  25. Responsible for filling production logs on time. The log will cover process parameters and production status and situation for finished orders


Working Conditions

  1. Must be able to work 12-hour shifts

  2. Must be able to work in a team environment



  1. Employee must have at least 5 years of experience in a manufacturing environment preferably extrusion experience or textile experience.

  2. Knowledge of SAP preferred. 

  3. Must possess good problem-solving skills

  4. Basic math skills

  5. Must work harmoniously with co-workers

  6. Must have a “can-do” attitude

  7. Must be detail oriented

Physical Requirements

  1. Physical requirements include lifting up to 50lbs., Bending, Stooping, Climbing, Kneeling, Reaching and some repetitive work.  Also, must be able to stand for long periods of time

Report To

  1. Directly report to Team Leader

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