Job title: Business Intelligence Analyst

The position is primarily responsible for assisting in setting up the company’s business strategies and development direction for the future growth and help management’s decision-making on optimizing manufacturing resources and process and maximizing the company’s profits.


The essential job duties include:


  1. Using statistical method to develop demand forecast for production planning;

  2. Analyze competitive market strategies through analysis of nonwoven product and market trends, and identify markets for future product development or to improve sales of existing products;

  3. Communicate with Sales & Marketing departments and higher-level management to understand forecasting needs;

  4. Create business intelligence tools, databases, or systems, including design of related dashboards, spreadsheets, or outputs;

  5. Develop and optimize business process through ERP implementation, generate a timeline for ERP implementation and communicate with ERP consultant to convey company’s demands;

  6. Synthesize current business intelligence or trend data to support company’s decisions on future strategies and actions;

  7. Generate standard or custom reports summarizing business, financial, or economic data for review by executives, managers, clients, and other stakeholders;

  8. Conduct or coordinate tests to ensure that intelligence is consistent with defined needs.

Minimum job requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in statistics, computer science or related field is required;

  2. Knowledge of statistical tools including Splus / R, SAS, or SPSS.

  3. Knowledge of statistical analysis method like ANOVA, Regression, logistics regression and sampling methods.

  4. Skills in data analysis, data management, flow control, and statistical modeling and inference, and ability to interpret results from statistical models and report writing.

  5. Programming skills of Java.

  6. Good communications skills in both written and oral.

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