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Our History

     Uniquetex is a newly established nonwoven manufacturer in North Carolina. To further serve our customers and expand the market, Beautiful Nonwovens Company, LTD and CL Enterprise, both China based companies, have entered into a joint venture to create Uniquetex, LLC expanding on long-term development plans in the United States.  Strongly supported by our two parent companies, Uniquetex is producing a diverse line of nonwovens to provide high-quality products and services to our customers.


      We are located in Grover, NC and occupy a 360,000 square foot building on 100 acres of land. With an investment totaling $31.6 million, our future projection is to have 6 manufacturing lines with a workforce of 150 employees over the next five years. Our goal is to produce 17,000+ metric tons of SS and SMS engineered nonwoven fabrics and specialized composites annually; targeting industrial and hygiene markets starting Q3 in 2018. We hope to begin installing more spunmelt, converting and composite lines for HealthCare and technical textile industries starting in 2019.  The markets for nonwoven products are growing due to economic and demographic drivers. Experts in the nonwoven industry, forecast a growing market for non-disposable and disposable nonwoven products as noted by market trends. Uniquetex has been created to take advantage of this trend and will seize the opportunity to provide its high-quality products in the markets we serve.

Mission Statement:

     To provide the best value for all customers that we serve in the nonwoven industry through innovation, continuous improvement, superior quality products and services, competitiveness, and our commitment for excellence. To deliver an ultimate Nonwoven solution that satisfies our customers’ needs and expectations each time in hygienic, medical, and industrial markets, geotextile and specialties. To deliver excellence in quality through the perseverance of our team and parent companies so that we can roll out the future of nonwovens one roll at time.

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